5 Steps to Your First 5K

Its about that time of the year again, the weather is getting warmer and you are beginning to hear about your local 5ks and fun runs. Now is the perfect time to start training for your next 5k. If you plan to run your first 5k ever or just your first of the year, follow these five steps to tackle your next race like a pro.

Starting line for the 2015 Reno Journal Jog

1) Commit to a Race

The first step to completing a 5k is committing to run one. Find the perfect 5k near you and sign up for it in advance. Typically you will get better pricing by signing up early and you will also be fiscally committed to it.  You can add it to your calendar and begin mentally and physically preparing for it.

Running in the USA, Active and Runner’s World are all good resources for finding races near you.

2) Train

This is possibly the most important step and usually the most dreaded. If you are not competing in the 5k for time then don’t let training stress you out. While training, focus on consistency and consistency alone. Don’t stress out about times or distances while training just make your goal to complete a certain number of runs per week.  Three runs per week would be perfect for a beginner runner. Just train at your own pace, enjoying each run.

3) Fuel Your Body

Make sure to properly fuel your body the day before and the morning of the race. Everybody’s body is different and handles running on food differently. Use your training runs to experiment with eating. Maybe eating a full meal before running, or just eating a small snack like a banana is your ideal fuel source to feel good while running. Test it out and do what works for you.

4) Warm Up

On race day be sure to warm up, in a 3.1 mile race it could easily take you the first third of the race to get warmed up if you do not do it before hand. Try this warm up if you aren’t familiar with how to properly warm up before a race.

5) Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun! Running events typically support a good cause and are filled with like minded people with positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles. Stick around after the race and chat with some of your fellow runners, you never know where you will meet your next running partner. Post race events are some of my favorite events, you are surrounded by a whole herd of people who are high on endorphins and are excited about life, relish the moment.

Go sign up for a race now and leave a comment below letting us know what 5k you plan on participating in!





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