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If you are anything like me then you love working out and you love gear. Fitness trackers combine these two loves. Fitness trackers are devices that monitor your daily activity. Most trackers will count your steps (via a pedometer) and compare it to a goal, as well as estimate the number of calories burned, keep the time and some even monitor your sleep. Fitness trackers are certainly not necessary to live a healthy active lifestyle, but it can be fun to look at analyze your own personal fitness data, and they can certainly be useful to help motivate yourself to stay active.



Compare Activity Trackers
Some of today’s most popular fitness trackers via Smart Watch News

I have used or had close friends that have used many of the popular fitness trackers on the market today. Some of the most popular makers are: Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike. Each model offers something unique that the others don’t. PC has an excellent article that can be used to help select the perfect tracker for your particular needs and wants.

I recommend fitness trackers for two main reasons: 1) They are a constant reminder (the fact that it is on your wrist all day) to stay active and 2) They help track progress towards fitness goals using data (they can record each workout over time online for you to review and track your progress). A cheap alternative to a wearable fitness tracker is to get an app on your smart phone, many of these apps are significantly cheaper than a tracker and some are even free. An upgrade to your fitness tracker is to get a GPS watch that tracks your workouts via GPS instead of a pedometer. The GPS watches can track elevation gain and loss as well for a more complete analysis of your fitness activities.

Go get your perfect tracker today, and start measuring your fitness goals a little more scientifically.



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