There are tons of nutritional supplements on the market today, some are beneficial, some scams and some down right unhealthy. See below for a guide of the supplements I recommend taking on a daily basis.


Hands down, the best way to ensure you get all the essential nutrients you need in the highest quality is to eat a good well balanced diet. Even with a proper diet however is is possible that you may miss some of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin will help cover these gaps when they arise. It is important to recognize that there is no standard or regulatory definition for multivitamins thus it is extremely important to buy high quality multivitamins that lack fillers and binders. A whole food based vitamin is generally considered healthier than a synthetic vitamin as well.

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Fish Oil

Similar to a multivitamin the best way to consume all the necessary omega-3 fatty acids is through a healthy diet. Unfortunately most western diets do not include enough omega-3 fatty acids and thus a supplement is a good way to ensure you get enough. sites omega-3 fatty acids as being able to support healthy cholesterol levels, boosts your mood and help maintain strong bones.

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Supplements for Working Out

When working out consistently you put an additional stress on your body. I recommend taking a whey protein supplement immediately after lifting weights, as well as a creatine and glutamine supplement daily.  These three supplements in combination help the body to build muscle mass and recover faster. It is important to take high quality supplements with no fillers or binders. Consumer Reports found that many protein powders contain dangerous heavy metals so make sure you do your own homework before putting anything into your body.

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What supplements do you take, and how do they help promote overall health?



5 thoughts on “Supplements

  1. How do you feel about taking Magnesium for post workout soreness? I also do vegan protein since I have a Whey/Casein protein thing. Have you taken BCAA’s to help with performance?


    1. I have taken BCAAs’ in the past but prefer to keep it simple and I only take Protein now.
      I will have to look into Magnesium for post workout soreness, I haven’t heard of that benefit. Do you take it, does it seem to work?


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